LLL Classes Behavior Guidelines

It is our goal to maintain a positive and safe environment for all students and instructors involved in extracurricular classes in the same manner as is done by La Entrada School and Las Lomitas School during regular classroom hours. Our expectations are the same as for the normal school day: (1) be safe, (2) be courteous and respectful, and (3) be responsible.

Students and parents are expected to show respect to classmates, instructors, classrooms and property at all times. Failure to do so may result in a student’s dismissal. Appropriate behavior is critical to establishing an effective learning environment for all students in a class. Most disciplining of students will take place in the class as needed. More serious incidents or persistent problems will be discussed with the parent.

Students may be dismissed from a class when it is necessary in the interests of discipline, safety or maintaining an appropriate learning environment for the class as a whole. Notification of such action will be communicated to the parent or guardian by the class instructor.

1st violation of behavior standards – Written warning by the instructor to the parent.
2nd violation of behavior standards – Final written warning by the instructor to the parent. As part of this step, the instructor has the option to ask that the child does not attend the next class meeting if he/she believes it will help to resolve behavior issues.
3rd violation of behavior standards – Child will be dismissed from class; no refund will be due to the parent.