Yoga for Kids Fall (1st - 3rd grade)

Yoga is about exploring and learning in a fun, safe and playful way. Yoga and kids are a perfect match. Here is what children (and adults!) can learn from yoga: Yoga teaches kids about their bodies, better breathing techniques, ways to quiet their minds, and improve their balance.

 Class Dress Requirements:

– Comfortable clothing


Class day and times: Thursdays, 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Class dates: September 19 – December 19

No class: Oct. 24, Oct. 31, Nov. 14, Nov. 28, Dec. 12

Number of classes: 8

Location: Cano Hall

Class Size: Maximum 12

Class Fee: $235

Instructor: Studio Rincon. Tel: 650-861-0242 Email:

To report an absent child or late pick up, email or call 650-861-0242.

For more information, please visit or email, or call 650-861-0242. Please do not register on the Studio Rincon website.

Las Lomitas League Contact: Kathleen Prince, Co-VP of classes. E-mail: