Art-Infused STEM Makerspace Class LL Fall (K - 3rd grade)

[Art + STEM = STEAM ]  Innovation, imagination and creativity make a great combination.   Young people can thrive in an environment where they can connect the creative side of their brains to challenging science, technology, engineering and math concepts. Class curriculum includes:

  • Pom-Pom Catapults: Build scale model “soft-projectile-only” catapults and then stage a mini siege when you launch fuzzy pom-poms at our medieval castle test rig.
  • Platonic Solids Mobile: Construct a mobile of colorful, three-dimensional polyhedrons.
  • Fraction Art: Fraction concepts become visually stunning when you artistically glue colorful circle fraction pieces to backing materials.
  • Traditional Geometric Art: Come with us on an art/math adventure around the world  as explore: the Rangoli designs from India; the symmetrical patterns from the Arab world; and the Sona Sand Art from Central Africa.
  • Anamorphic Art: Anamorphic art, where artwork is reflected on a cylinder offers a fantastic and creative introduction to both cartesian and polar coordinates.
  • Halloween Themed Binary Necklaces: Participants encode their names in binary (simplified ASCII with only 5 bits) computer code in necklaces beads of orange and black.
  • Braille Lab: Explore the magic in the patterns of dots invented by Louis Braille. These dots allow those without the benefit of sight to be able to read with their finger tips.  For students who can see, learning some braille offers some rich connections to math, computer science and technology.
  • Physics of Flight: What is the secret that allows  birds and planes and planes to fly? We do a deep dive into the Bournoulli effect as we explore what creates aerodynamic lift.
  • Junior MD/RN: Create an intensive care unit where you are the MD or RN as we train you to provide advanced medical care procedures to your action figure or baby doll.
  • Straw Rockets: Bottles + Straws + Foam = Blast Off!!!!

Day/Time: Thursdays, 3:40 – 4:40 p.m.

Class Dates:  September 19 – December 5

No Class: Nov. 14, Nov. 28

Location: Room 9

Number of Classes: 10

Class Size: Maximum is 15 

Class Fee: $315  (please note this includes a $20 Materials fee).


Instructor: Jay Gluckman.  Email:

 To report absences or late pick up, contact, or call (650) 793-5009.

 Las Lomitas League Contact: Kathleen Prince, Co-VP of classes. E-mail:


Instructor Biography:

Jay Gluckman has been a STEAM Educator for two decades.  He and his wife Pratima Rao Gluckman co-founded Innovation for Youth as a way to bring a unique and quality brand of art-infused STEM enrichment to the community.