Spanish La Entrada Spring (4th - 8th grade)

This fun class is tailored for students with no prior Spanish knowledge as well as for students with some or little Spanish knowledge. The lessons, through a structured approach are packed with educational pictures, interactive games, oral and written exercises. The children will learn quickly to convey short conversations in a natural way from this methodology based on communication and expression. The experienced native speaking language teacher will help students build happily basic Spanish vocabulary and dialogues, and lead them to get to know the Spanish speaking world culture. Emphasis is on listening comprehension and simple sentence construction. Students will have a booklet to complete in class and to do some simple assignments at home to reinforce lessons. The Teacher may tailor the curriculum from year-to-year to suit students’ language abilities and needs.

Day/Time: Fridays, 3:00 – 4:00 pm
Class Dates: February 2 – May 11
No Class: Feb 23, Mar 16, Apr 13
Location: Room 28, La Entrada
Class Size: 3 – 15 Students
Number of Classes: 12
Class Fee: $252
Instructor: Bibiana Martinez-Ziegler. Email:
Las Lomitas League Contact: Jenn Hipple at
Please e-mail the instructor to report an absence.

Bibiana is a native speaker from Colombia, has a Masters in Spanish and French languages from the University of Nice in France. She has been teaching adults and children Spanish and French for 18 years and has several years of experience doing after school classes for children in public and private schools around the bay area. This is her eighth year at La Entrada.