Math Wizards Fall (3rd grade)

Develop problem-solving strategies while solving Math “challenges,” playing Math games, and having fun! Class time will be divided into two segments. First, students will work cooperatively to solve Challenges (Mensa Math puzzles, Magic Squares, Tangrams-geometrical designs, brain teasers, logic). Next, a game will be introduced. After modeling the game with the whole group, students will work with small groups/partners to challenge one another. If time allows, a second game will be introduced. Students earn raffle tickets for participation and effort; drawings are held weekly and small prizes are received. Each week, your child will bring home at least one new game packet, including materials, for your family to keep, play, and enjoy.

Day/Time: Wednesdays, 2:15 – 3:15 p.m.
Class Dates: September 19 – December 5
No Class: Nov. 14, Nov. 21
Number of Classes: 10
Location: Room 3
Class Size: 6 minimum -16 maximum
Class Fee: $325 (This includes materials and new game packets for take home each week).

Instructor: Renee Westerfield. Cell: (650) 743-3595. Email:
To report an absent child or late pick up, contact instructor.
Las Lomitas League Contact: Kathleen Prince, Co-VP of classes. E-mail: @

Renee Westerfield has been teaching at the elementary level (2nd, 3rd and 4th grades) for over 30 years. She also worked editing math textbooks for Addison-Wesley. As a district parent for 13 years, she volunteered for numerous programs, including tutoring programs at both Las Lomitas and La Entrada. She currently offers Math Wizards at Ladera and Las Lomitas, as well as private tutoring in her home.