Mad Science – Crazy Chemworks (grades 4-6)

Hop on board the chemistry express for this high-speed series of classes where we will learn about what happens in the lab! Slap on some safety goggles to study split second reactions, learn about glow-in-the-dark technology, and spend an adhesive hour learning about things that cling!  Discover amazing, slimy things! Freeze water in seconds with dry ice! Slide down the colorful pH scale! This crazy series will blow your mind!


Day/Time: Tuesdays, 2:55pm – 3:55pm

Class Dates: February 5 – April 16

No Class: Feb. 19, Mar. 12, Apr.2

Number of Classes: 10

Location: Room 20, La Entrada

Class Size: 10 -20 students

Class Fee: $169

Instructor: Mad Science Staff Tel: 510-438-9702 Email:

Please call or email the instructor to report an absence.

Las Lomitas League Contact: Jenn Hipple at