Jazz Band Spring (6th - 8th grade)

Jazz Band is a performing ensemble where students will learn the fundamentals of jazz performance. A minimum of one year experience on your instrument is expected, but not required. Any student who has less than one year experience will be asked to audition with the instructor before being allowed to be in the class. All instruments are welcome, including Violins and other string instruments, Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Set and Piano. No previous experience in playing Jazz or being in a school music program is required.
The group will have performances over the course of the year that will take place outside of our regular class time. Attendance at these performances is expected. Concert Dates listed below:
April 4th – Concert at Las Lomitas (during school)
April 5th – Exchange concert at Woodside High School
May 22nd – La Entrada Spring Concert
May 29th – Music in Sharon Park

Day/Time: Mondays, 3:00 – 4:00pm
Class Dates: January 29 – May 21
No Class: Feb. 19, Apr. 9
Number of Classes: 15
Location: Room 10, La Entrada
Class Size: 10 – 40 students
Class Fee: $210
Instructor: Anthony Lanzino Tel: 650 854 3962 x110 Email: tlanzino@llesd.org
Las Lomitas League Contact: Jenn Hipple at jenn@hipple.net
Students should call or email the instructor with attendance issues – 24 hour notice expected.