Energy, the Environment and Chocolate Spring – CANCELLED (4th - 8th grade)

Janelle London is the Chair of Menlo Park’s Environmental Quality Commission, and Co-Executive Director of the nonprofit Coltura. She believes all students should understand the role energy plays in their lives, energy’s environmental impacts, and the ability each student to make a difference in protecting our environment. She also thinks learning should be fun, and that chocolate is the perfect vehicle for studying energy and the environment.
In this course, we’ll learn about energy and the environment, and make it fun by incorporating chocolate throughout! Through activities (involving chocolate!), video clips and discussions, students will explore primary and secondary energy sources, and their environmental impacts through the life cycle of make, take, move, use and dispose. We’ll get up to date about some of the latest challenges, advances and solutions regarding energy and the environment. We’ll learn what sustainability means when it comes to chocolate and other common products. Students will devise ways to conserve energy and protect the environment in their own lives, and brainstorm solutions to bigger issues.

Day/Time: Tuesdays, 3.00 – 4.00pm
Class Dates: January 30 – May 8
No Class: Feb. 20, Mar. 13, Apr. 10
Number of Classes: 12
Location: Room 5, La Entrada
Class Size: 12 – 25 students
Class Fee: $265 
Instructor: Janelle London Tel: 415 250 2839 Email:
Las Lomitas League Contact: Jenn Hipple at
Please call or e-mail the instructor to report an absence.

Janelle London is the Chair of Menlo Park’s Environmental Quality Commission California state director of the nonprofit Coltura. She is a graduate of Stanford University and UC Berkeley, and a former attorney and dialysis company executive. Currently, she volunteers with San Mateo County’s clean energy program, leads Hillview Middle School’s Environmental Club, and serves on the Technical Advisory Committee of PAEC (the Peninsula Advanced Energy Community). She is passionate about protecting the environment, teaching youth, and of course, chocolate.