Drawing by Young Rembrandts Spring – Wednesday (1st - 3rd grade)

Waiting all Winter for Young Rembrandts? We’re back with all new Drawing & Cartooning:
Young Rembrandts artists will draw ALL NEW lessons this winter. Colorful pop art dog, incredible relevant art history and a powerful unicorn are just a few of the drawing’s they’ll learn and LOVE. Your child will also learn personification as they transform ordinary cameras into fully realized cartoon characters.
Learning to tell a story through a series of drawings will be the focus in our illustrations featuring a humorous drive-thru sequence and a colorful piñata sequence. Your child will learn animation techniques in our anime-themed expression lesson. Encourage your child’s creativity. Enroll today!

Day/Time: Wednesdays, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Class Dates: January 31 – May 2
No Class: Feb 21, Mar 14, Apr 11
Location: Cano Hall
Number of Classes: 11
Class Size: (Class minimum will be 9. Class maximum will be 15).
Class Fee:$ 224

Instructor: Young Rembrandts Staff Tel: 650-644-7757.
Email: shital.thakrar@youngrembrandts.com.


Instructor Biography: Wendi Bushehry

Wendi has been teaching arts for many years and has always provided a nurturing environment in the classroom. She is a dedicated and talented teacher with a passion for helping students achieve their full potential. Her dedication shows that she has commitment to the lifelong learning of others. With weekly, 60-minute drawing classes, Young Rembrandts students learn fundamental drawing skills that expand their artistic abilities and learning skills. Young Rembrandts believes that an encouraging environment brings out the best in children. Students enrolled in the Young Rembrandts’ classes also display an increase in a variety of skills:

  • Cognitive development

  • Sharing and self-discipline

  • Fine motor skills, handwriting readiness & attention span

  • Patience, discipline and focus

We look forward to building colorful memories with students during the Young Rembrandts class.

To report absences or late pick up, contact shital.thakrar@youngrembrandts.com, or call 650–644–7757.

Las Lomitas League Contact: Kathleen Prince, Co-VP of classes.
E-mail: kathleenpsf@gmail.com.