Digital Photography Spring – CANCELLED (4th-8th grade)

Take a closer look at the world through the lens of a camera! Have fun and express yourself through the art of digital photography. Through step-by-step instruction, students will learn the basics of digital photography including: camera operation, exposure settings, composition, lighting and editing. Fun projects like portraits, product photography, food photography and light painting will give students a great knowledge of digital photography and create fun and inspired images.
Required Resources: Digital Camera. (Contact the instructor for availability of camera rentals.)

Day/Time: Wednesdays, 2:55 – 3:55pm
Class Dates: January 31 – May 9
No Class: Feb. 21, Mar. 14, Apr. 11
Number of Classes: 12
Location: Room 3, La Entrada
Class Size: 6 – 9 students
Class Fee: $250

Instructor: Richard Wilkins. Tel: 650-796-2034 Email:
Las Lomitas League Contact: Jenn Hipple at
Please call or e-mail the instructor to report an absence.

Richard Wilkins graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Video Production with an emphasis on commercial film. In his final year at Brooks, he began also studying digital photography which he now considers his main passion and career direction. Through the Riekes Center, Richard has taught digital photography in groups/workshops/classes through various summer camps and partnerships through local schools as well as one-on-one private lessons. The subject matter that Richard teaches ranges from learning camera basics to lighting and editing with tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.