Cooking Fun Adventures (Grades 4-8)

Join us each week for an exciting culinary adventure. We’ll begin with classic dishes such as blueberry muffins, cinnamony coffee cake, overflowing omelets, homerun sliders, made from scratch puddings and not-so-classic recipes, such as recovery energy balls, grab-n-go smoothies, rainbow salads, and fusion pasta bowls. Mid-semester, your team will create a full meal using a basket of mystery ingredients and the skills you just covered. Next, we’ll focus on Autumn fun foods such as crisp pan seared chicken, hearty pizzas, comfy soups, fruit crisps, sweet and savory pies, ghoulish delights, and cookie bars galore. And, of course, a bit of chocolate. We’ll finish with either a gala feast or a holiday mystery basket cooking challenge. Don’t be too surprised if amidst the fun, you pick up kitchen tips or a new technique or two! (Please alert Linda to any diet restrictions or food allergies.)

Please sign up for the Tuesday or Wednesday class.

Session Tuesday Wednesday
Grades 4th – 8th 4th – 8th
Day/Time 3:20 – 5pm 3:20 – 5pm
Class Dates September 17 – December 3 September 18 – December 4
No Class Nov. 12, Nov. 26 Nov. 13, Nov. 27
Number of Classes 10 10
Location LE Kitchen LE Kitchen
Class size 5 – 12 students 5 – 12 students
Class Fee $375 $375
Instructor Linda Ross  Linda Ross

Instructor: Linda Ross Tel: (650) 996-1311  Email:

Please call or email the instructor to report an absence.

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Linda enjoys teaching hands-on cooking classes for children and families. “l love hearing that my students are trying new recipes, helping their parents cook, and tasting new foods. Becoming more comfortable in the kitchen is my goal for these kids. lt’s a lesson that will last them a lifetime!”

Linda started Cooking FUNdamentals 17 years ago to teach culinary arts in the Bay Area. When she’s not teaching at schools, she’s probably teaching culinary classes in private homes, or working gigs with fine dining caterers, or testing new recipes on her patient hubby.