Computational Thinking Fall – Cancelled (6th - 8th grade)

In Starfire Computational Thinking, students will engage with the core concepts of computational thinking (decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, algorithmic thinking) via real-world illustrations and everyday examples apply computational practices (e.g. divide and conquer, debugging) in hands-on projects build valuable CT problem-solving skills such as 1) using precise language, 2) basing decisions on data, 3) using models to understand, 4) breaking problems down, and 5) building solutions up.


Day/Time: Thursdays, 2:55 – 3:55pm

Class Dates: September 20 – December 6

No Class: Nov. 8, Nov. 23

Number of Classes: 10

Location: Room 5, La Entrada

Class Size: 5 – 12 students

Class Fee: $345

Instructor: Starfire Instructor Tel: 650-649-9575  Email:

Las Lomitas League Contact:  Jenn Hipple at

Please call or e-mail the instructor to report an absence.


Starfire teacher-coaches are highly qualified math, engineering, computer science professionals and teachers with degrees from Stanford University, Harvard, MIT, University of California and other excellent academic institutions. We teach Starfire Math is Fun because we want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for math with kids. For more information, check out