Chinese Level 4/5 (4th - 8th grade)

The course of Chinese 4/5 is designed for students who are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture. It will be taught by Ms. Grace Ko, the same LLL teacher who has been teaching at Las Lomitas Elementary School for more than 8 years. The goal of this class is to develop students’ communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing through various learning activities such as role-plays, language games, and task-oriented exercises, etc. Chinese culture is integrated into the curriculum to help students develop intercultural awareness. Learning themes are practical and connected to daily life. In addition to the textbook, web-based texts and authentic materials are applied to enhance students’ language skills. Oral and written assessments are used to evaluate student progress and achievement. The teacher modifies teaching strategies weekly to best meet students’ needs. Students build confidence in communicating in Mandarin through instructional practices.


Day/Time: Fridays, 2:55pm-3:55pm

Class Dates: February 8th – May 17th

No Class:  February 22, March 15, April 5

Number of Classes: 12

Location: Room 74, La Entrada

Class Size: 3 – 9 students

Class Fee: $266

Instructor: Grace Ko Tel: 650-919-3565 Email:

Please call or email the instructor to report an absence.

Las Lomitas League Contact: Jenn Hipple at