About Us

The Las Lomitas League is a group of parent volunteers committed to providing a diverse array of classes and sports for the students of Las Lomitas and La Entrada Schools and those children who attend other schools but reside within the Las Lomitas District boundaries.

Our Mission for Enrichment Classes

The goal of the LLL Enrichment classes at La Entrada and Las Lomitas is to provide fun and interesting enrichment instruction for our children. Some of the classes give the students the ability to experience new subjects for the first time, while others offer the motivated student the opportunity to build on their understanding of the subject. Our teachers are selected based on outstanding credentials, experience and recommendations.

Our Mission for After-School Sports

The goal of the LLL After-School Sports program is to encourage all kids to participate in sports, regardless of their skill level. We strive to provide our student athletes with a positive experience while emphasizing teamwork and learning how to win and lose gracefully.








Board Members Position Email
Korenna Sinn President president@laslomitasleague.com
Anya Chernykh Treasurer treasurer@laslomitasleague.com
Tim Goode Athletic Director athleticdirector@laslomitasleague.com
Jenn Hipple VP Classes, La Entrada laentradavp@laslomitasleague.com
Laurel Sevier Co-VP Classes, Las Lomitas laslomitasvp@laslomitasleague.com
Kathleen Prince Co-VP Classes, Las Lomitas laslomitasvp@laslomitasleague.com
Jeremy Gundel La Entrada Registrar registrarle@laslomitasleague.com
Ian Edwards Las Lomitas Registrar registrarll@laslomitasleague.com
Tsui Shan Chang Sports Registrar registrarll@laslomitasleague.com
Melinda Nielson Outreach Coordinator outreach@laslomitasleague.com
Zsuzsi Hamburger Secretary & Communications secretary@laslomitasleague.com
Alexa Leon-Prado Assistant Secretary
Bo Chen Volunteer Coordinator
Shahriyar Matloub Online Content, La Entrada
Luda Shashua Online Content, Las Lomitas